Friday, November 23, 2007


NOTE: I have had to edit this blog because it seems a few key words are promoting spam on this I am taking out a few words like "Tarzan" and "in the mouth" seems to have been a red flag for the spam bots. 

This bowl was made by my friend, Kip Eggert. It is made from Cocobolo wood.

I love how the word sounds.  Try saying it a few times...cocobolo, cocobolo.... (sort of like kukamunga, lol) And, the bowl is as exotic and lovely as it sounds.

Larry took the photographs, while I did the photoshop on it for Kip's blog. It is sitting on my dining room table feeling quite at home until I see him again.

Visit Kip's Blog, linked here and in my fave blog links. He is an amazing artist, and I am lucky to have a few of his bowls. He sells to Troy in NYC and was just filmed for a segment on Martha Stewart. YOU ROCK KIP.

Kip and I have been friends for a while, we met at a local market in Rhinebeck where I sold my art and some collectibles. He brought me over a box full of all kinds of assemblage type items, and the rest is history. He is a collector nut like me, and he cooked me my first (and last, sorry Kip) Shad Roe. Great cook, but don't like that shad roe. Too weird. Give me back my octopus.

Off to the studio to make MORE ornaments. I am getting tired of it, orders that are "production" tend to make art feel like a "job". But I am grateful for the order, the money, and the fabulous gallery that I am designing them for. !!! patti

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lovely Words

I bet many of you can relate to this card if you are traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. I myself am not celebrating with family, but am cooking with a good friend who was my cooperating teacher 16 years ago when I was her student teacher.

It is ok. Sometimes the importance of "family" is overrated.

I got an email from someone I purchased some lovely ephemera from on Etsy. If you have not shopped at Etsy, you are missing a fabulous outlet for handmade goods and supplies. She purchases my zine EAT MAN DRINK WATER, and wrote: "HOW HYSTERICAL! Can't wait to see the whole thing! I have just the friend who'll dig this as the perfect little gift. --- Your cards are also fabulous! (*I was a greeting card editor for a major company for many yrs and have seen scores of handmade cards; the tone and execution of yours are beautiful). Glad to meet you here, and thanks for the trade card orders from my shop.

So visit Journey and Landscape as she has some great things for sale!!!! And thanks for the kind, kind words about my cards! It is always nice to hear when someone appreciates my work and says such a wonderful thing. It keeps me creating!

Off to read a magazine and be inspired by others, Patti

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Custom Birthday Card

It took me a few weeks to put together all the pieces, but I made this card for my dear husband's birthday. I had so much fun making it, which reminded me of all the good times we have had. Sure, we have had some mean rough patches, but heck, we need them to appreciate the good!!!!

I finished 1/2 of my order of 100 collage ornaments for EARTH ANGELS. I still have 50 more to do, as well as get ready for a craft show in 2 weeks. I keep plugging away every day, and eventually come to an acceptance that I can only do so much, and it all "is what it is". Each year I seem to bring less and make more, or make a connection and meet new collectors or customers. My focus is abundance and acceptance, and that keeps me sane.

I ran into an artist friend today; our collective energies and input inspired one another. One short hour could have changed our art and lives forever! Thank you universe for our meeting at the post office today!!!!! PERFECT TIMING!!!!!

I received a lovely email from a woman who bought an antique print on Etsy from me. It was of Hooker's Sea Lions, and she told me that she used to work with sea lions and seals, so this print had special meaning to her. I am posting her blog link under my fave blogs. Check it out, she has some really cool art and photos and info on it!!!! Kazu and Co.

Back out to the studio! xpatti

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


You haven't heard much from me because I have been working 12 hour days, and only been able to maintain one blog, never mind three and a myspace.

I am making cards, ornments, and designing for a few clients and a show. Hopefully some money will be rolling in soon for all of this work. I spent too much at the ephemera show the other day, but it is materials for you and for me. :)

Soon I will scan some new cards, and for tonight I give you another in my series of shots taking from dirty plane windows. This one is digitally altered in Photoshop.

Till then, patti