Monday, September 28, 2009

Current Studio Work

I got into the studio yesterday for the first time in weeks. I spent a good five hours in there cleaning, getting reacquainted with everything (it takes a bit to locate and set up supplies for my various projects) and making both cards and art.

I had hoped that the muse would pay me a visit, even if I was only making cards, and she did, only it always isn't what you expected.

I call myself a bricolage artist; one who works with a diverse range of items that are "at hand".Since my work space and studio are crowded with stuff, that is not hard to do. However, sometimes it can be overwhelming, so I will pick a box or pick a pile and start to work.

I never know what happens. Lots of cards get made, and I periodically get ideas on paintings and larger collages that I want to do.

As I was sorting out photos for the photo drawer, I picked up some paint and decided to play with a few photos of children. I accidentally scratched the dry paint on the 1860's photo, and it came off. So then I thought OK, let's scratch into that. Then came out the watercolor photo paints, and the markers. A few hours later and a lot of chuckling, I made a few pieces as well as a bunch of cards.

Today I am a bit stressed about some medical issues that my daughter has. I think I will stay home on this rainy day and amuse myself in the studio. Remember what Reader's Digest always said "Laughter is the Best Medicine" ( a column I used to read in the 60's that always amused me).


Friday, September 18, 2009

Questions to the Universe

I have a guru; she is an amazing woman. She counsels me, she is my mother/grandmother/priestess/sister.

In talking to her the other day, I related my concern about studying with other artists, lest their style infiltrate my work. Larry and I also had a conversation about this, as he is witness as to how other artists blatantly steal ideas and images, and call them their own, some of whom reap big benefits from it, while we little guys struggle.

I am concerned about being pure. I want to express to the world what I see in a voice that is uniquely me. I want to learn, but not be tainted by the visions of others.

But she told me, as did my mentor Jonathon Talbot, that the art world is built upon the knowledge of others. We don't always need to reinvent the wheel. Take the best from all that we learn, and forge our own path.

As long as I keep making art, that is all that matters.

To Peg and Jonathan - thank you.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Post Openings

The openings last night were fun, and several people came up to me and said "I didn't know you painted!". They are not close friends, as my close friend's know that it has been a secret passion for many years, and it is only my insecurities and childhood damages that kept me in the closet for so long. Two out of three of the upstairs shows I have made it in have been paintings, this one being on the largest pieces that I have submitted. I am not done with my mixed media work, but plan to keep working with the paint.

I enjoyed the four openings as I also saw lots of friends, both old and new. My opening quote, however, has been filled for a while, and need to now get BACK into the studio.

I made a video over the weekend of my work with music, but since the music is copyrighted, I will have to go back and remove it so that I can post the images here.Perhaps I could ask WAH! for permission to use it in my slide presentation, but I suspect it might cost me some money...but then again, if she likes what I did with it, I might get her blessings.It doesn't hurt to ask!!!


PS a deer on the way to the opening. I leaned out of the car and made fart first looked at me like I was a nut, then stuck its tongue out! lol.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Woodstock Openings this Saturday

I am thrilled to have one of my new paintings, never shown before, at the Woodstock Art Association/Museum show "The Other Side of the Mountain" which opens at the gallery this Saturday, from 4-6.

It is one of my larger 24 x 30" oil paintings of an Olana sunset - mostly sky, with just a hint of mountains at the bottom. A small acrylic sky was rejected at the Small Works Show, but I have to say, if I were to choose between the two, I would rather have it be the upstairs/main gallery showing.

This makes the second painting to get into a show. I know you probably think...what's the big deal, but as someone who has always beenan insecure painter who didn't paint for a very long time, this is a joy.

I can't think back to my past, as it does no good. But once in a great while I ponder, "what IF my parents supported my art and my paintings" However rather than the what-ifs, I chose to go with "look what I am doing NOW".

The other two pieces are at the Varga Gallery, two new works that have not been shown and are mixed media pieces. That opening is 6-8, with music at 8.

It has been a challenge however finding time or energy to get into the studio. I am hoping that once I get on a schedule, I will have more impetus to spend a few hours painting. Right now, I have such little drive. School is sucking up all my energy, and all that is left is a little for cleaning the studio some more, and selling papers online as I need to earn some moolah for the heating bills for the studio.

Oh and PS don't forget to catch the openings at the Woodstock School of Art, Oriole 9 and The Dog House Gallery, right outside of town on the corner of Glasco Turnpike and Phillips Road. If you plan it right, you can catch a majority of them. Makes for a fun night out!

Top Photo: Olana sunset at the Woodstock Art Association (Oil on Canvas Framed, 24 x 30", 500.00)

Bottom Photo: Mon Cherie (mixed media in a fab antique frame for around 265.00--I forgot what the price is) at the Varga Art Collective.

PS due to lack of time, this will be posted to my main blog too. Being lazy.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Paper Art at Paper Trail

I stopped into Paper Trail in Rhinebeck NY with Lois so she could buy her grandchildren gifts. Alanna's birthday is wednesday, and though I had sent off package No. 1 to her, I could not resist a Colorform type toy for her to supplement the clothes and little earrings I was sending.

Their new location, not far from their old one, has given them much more space, and they utilize it for not only merchandise, but for shows of art employing of course, paper.

Currently there is exhibition featuring dresses made of paper; cut up magazines, tissue, and other papers, as well as sculptural relief work made out of books. They were inspiring and it was nice to see a store that was delectible in every way.

The holidays are coming, and perhaps I will do my shopping here. From large sparkling letters for a child's name, to journals, paperweights, cards, and more, it could be one stop shopping for me. Plus, I am giving a local business, not the box stores, my money.

And perhaps one day, I will bring them my portfolio.

Stop in and visit, you won't leave empty handed!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Card and Book Design to the Highest Level

Larry sent me a link today for the a book by Barbara Hodgson titled My Card: Variantions. Limited Edition of 9 copies, only 6 of which are for sale. $2500.00 for a copy.

Of course you know out came my calculator to figure that if there were 30 cards in the box, it came to 83.00 a card. She has to share the profits with the bookbinder and printer, and then there are the supplies, but even if she mades 40-50.00 a card, she isn't doing badly.

It looks like a beautiful collector's item.

Perhaps I too have to raise the card to an even higher level than I already have.
But something tells me that it is very hard to sell something like this; most likely a museum or library might buy it, or a collector of rare and limited edition books.

But I like the concept, and I will muse upon it for a bit. If I only had all the cards I made over the past 10 years; I would have an incredible set of cards made with antique paper, with text to chuckle by. Sort of a feminine Edward Gorey. I already have the title for it...."Nursery Crimes".

You never know......