Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Show Time......

I have returned from my 10 day hiatus through 5 states and one time zone.

I made little art for 10 days. My art was cooking and being with my family and loving every moment with them. And honestly, I need a break from my art at times as I am a bit obsessive and easily fall into a work-a-holic routine where I forget about cooking, hanging out, playing, watching birds and noticing life.

But I have a show on the 4th and card orders to fill, so I have been careful organizing my time so that I have had time every day for editing my work, framing, and making cards.

I replaced my broken printer with a new Canon Pixma MX850, but it has sat for three days and I have STILL not installed it. I just know that I have to put aside an hour or two to install, learn, etc. this new printer/fax/scanner and then get my ass in gear and print up another round of cards!

Here is a chuckle, a card that is going off to one of my clients.


Monday, August 18, 2008

In Kentucky

One of the things that I have learned is that down time is sometimes the time that I get the most inspiration. It is the moments in between the work that the work is created..a paraphrase to that famous quote by Debussy? that "the music is what happens in between the notes".

There is a book that I want to write, and probably will have to self publish. I won't say what it is in case someone decides to beat me to it. I have had enough of that in my life where I have come up with an idea, and someone else ran with it and made the money.

I outlined it on the 999 miles that I spent in the car traveling here, with my husband give me feedback and insight, and as always, his never ending support.

So there will be more to follow.

I probably will not make a fortune on this, but like my art, it is something that I have to and want to do.

Such is the process of art!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Slide Show

I did get to spend some time today working on a slide show that I can send to people who want to see my art, and eventually I will keep it as a side bar on my blogs.

Of course, I am willing to sell my art, but I am more interested in sharing my work with others, and this was a fun and easy way to do it. If you want to see the picture larger, click on the slide show, it will bring you up to the site, and then find the piece that you want to see larger, and click on it.

I have spent my snippets of time that I have framing some of my work in preparation for the show on the 4th. I don't have to have that much done, but what I have I want to show well. I will just add on the price of the frame to the piece.

Sadly, I think my printer is on the blink, and I really need it to work. Later I will head to the printer forums, but I suspect it put in its two years and is getting ready to retire. :(


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alice in Wanderland

I had an order for 24 cards from my client. Nancy is so kind and good to me, and I feel badly falling short on her order. In all that is going on, I was only able to make her a dozen cards. The rest of my time has been in a nursing home or on the phone with my siblings. I am sure she will understand.

I am sending her all the cards I made save for this one. This one calls to me to keep it, with its layers of vintage and antique papers. But it is more than the papers, it is the Alice like quality that holds me to tucking her away.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Feeling Overwhelmed

I went to my local farm stand today, to buy fresh mozzarella, veggies, and a pie for tonight's dinner. My mother is quite ill, and my brother and sister and their families are coming to discuss some very difficult details. I am trying to keep the visit simple.

My friend who works there said "I saw your name on the invite for the Fall for Art show on the 4th of next month!". Startled I said, "oh yes" and almost had another anxiety attack. In less than a month I have to be ready for a show. In less than three days I have to have an order ready for my client. In four days I will be leaving to visit my daughter who just had a baby in Kentucky for 10 days, not knowing if I will get a phone call telling me to head back home. (I am driving--900 miles one way..)

I just canceled a few days in NYC with a friend at the end of the month. I feel time slipping away with so much work to be done. School starts the 2nd, and the show is the 4th. And I don't know what it going to happen with my mom. I live a moment at a time.

These little water color sketches were done in Rock Harbor, Cape Cod, in the lovely town of Orleans. I feel like those little trees -- lost in the ocean at high tide, so small, subjected to the elements.

I live for the low tide.


Monday, August 4, 2008

A Frederick Church Sky

I am back home from the Cape, and I ended my last night with a walk along Skaket Beach at sun set. Last weeks local paper voted it as one of the best beaches on the Cape to view it, and it indeed was spectacular.

I was graced with many shots of incredible changing cloud formations in colors ranging from the palest of blues to the rich golds and dark purples of the fading light.

I have so many cloud studies now that I think I should just proceed to print up a few dozen, and start to do a series of paintings. One or two does not a series make.

I thought of Frederick Church's intense paintings of the sun setting in the Hudson Valley, and thus I posted this.... as the poetry at the end of a beautiful day ala Church.

Life is beautiful. (A MUST SEE MOVIE)