Thursday, August 14, 2008

Slide Show

I did get to spend some time today working on a slide show that I can send to people who want to see my art, and eventually I will keep it as a side bar on my blogs.

Of course, I am willing to sell my art, but I am more interested in sharing my work with others, and this was a fun and easy way to do it. If you want to see the picture larger, click on the slide show, it will bring you up to the site, and then find the piece that you want to see larger, and click on it.

I have spent my snippets of time that I have framing some of my work in preparation for the show on the 4th. I don't have to have that much done, but what I have I want to show well. I will just add on the price of the frame to the piece.

Sadly, I think my printer is on the blink, and I really need it to work. Later I will head to the printer forums, but I suspect it put in its two years and is getting ready to retire. :(


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