Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Changing Blogs ....

In an effort to streamline operations here at 17 Mountainview, I am going to drop this blog, drop my fan page on Facebook, and just keep Twitter for the public, (found under pagibbons), Facebook for my local, virtual, and business friends, and all blogs will be posted at my other blog, EAT MAN DRINK WATER.

I have ATTEMPTED to keep my art and my life separate from one another, but alas, all I have done is create more work for myself, and the reality is that my art is my life, my life is my art, art is life, life is art. So, one blog, one website.

However I am going to keep two Etsy accounts going. Catskillpaper for the ephemera, and Pagibbons for my art. Ebay is still Catskillpaper.

Please hop over to my other blog, where you can read about art and life, and how they are inexorably, inextricably intertwined.

Love to all my readers, and thanks for following me!!!!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So, after a sale, an invitation to a Christmas show I am thrilled to be in, I was rejected in two other shows. Fortunately last week the universe gave me the hope and elation that ones feels when they sell a piece of art for a good amount of money - hope which will last until the money runs out - which happens when the gas runs out.

I will go up to pick up my rejected works after work and before heading back for parents night, and remember why I keep teaching. It's a steady, predictable source of income, and I have fun doing it too.

But I also love the other side-the crazy, emotional, magical and mystical art ride....and I just have to keep the faith and do the 10,000 hours and be grateful that I live my life in the arts nearly 24/7...and it's all good.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Sale and Inspiration

Last weekend at the Woodstock Artists Asso/Museum, I sold my painting in the show "The Other Side of the Mountain". It was a large oil of a sunset at Olana, which I had framed in a simple black canvas frame.

I thought it looked good against the wall, and imagined it would look splendid in a house with the right light and large walls...it could shimmer and sing. Well, the universe paired it up with someone else who thought so too, and it was SOLD!

Off it goes to NYC this weekend, I already have the check sans commission, and I have two more shows to submit for.

I am grateful, thankful, honored and delighted to sell a painting!

A few photos of my recent rides into the Catskills. They are digitally enhanced/manipulated, some just a little, some just a lot.

I think they're fun and will incorporate them into work soon. PS The bottom one is titled: "They Closed the New York State Thruway Man...."


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Helpful Hint: Photos and Painters Tape

I discovered a clever way to mask off photographs when you are preparing to use them as reference for composition/sketching/ painting. Sometimes I just fold them up when I print them on matte paper to fit the layout I want, but other times I am working from a photo that I don't want to cut up.

I remembered that I had a roll of white 3M low tack painter's tape. I laid that down on the edges that I needed to crop out, and if any hung over the edge, I cut it down except for one edge..which I let overlap as the strip that still had the exposed glue, could easily affix the photo to an easel or other surface. So far, it peels off neatly and easily. I shall wait a year or two to see how easy it peels off then, as often some pieces take that long to finish and the photos are in a pile buried on my desk.

Today I had precious little time in my haven, but as I was cleaning and trying to de-clutter, I came across a large drawing pad that I did not know I had. I took out my pastels and worked up a quick 45 minute sketch, about the amount of time for a class. I am teaching charcoal and pastel drawing in school, and I find that I enjoy exploring the medium that I give my students to do, along side of them and at home. It helps me remember the frustrations, the problems, the solutions of the medium/project. It keeps me fresh.