Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Helpful Hint: Photos and Painters Tape

I discovered a clever way to mask off photographs when you are preparing to use them as reference for composition/sketching/ painting. Sometimes I just fold them up when I print them on matte paper to fit the layout I want, but other times I am working from a photo that I don't want to cut up.

I remembered that I had a roll of white 3M low tack painter's tape. I laid that down on the edges that I needed to crop out, and if any hung over the edge, I cut it down except for one edge..which I let overlap as the strip that still had the exposed glue, could easily affix the photo to an easel or other surface. So far, it peels off neatly and easily. I shall wait a year or two to see how easy it peels off then, as often some pieces take that long to finish and the photos are in a pile buried on my desk.

Today I had precious little time in my haven, but as I was cleaning and trying to de-clutter, I came across a large drawing pad that I did not know I had. I took out my pastels and worked up a quick 45 minute sketch, about the amount of time for a class. I am teaching charcoal and pastel drawing in school, and I find that I enjoy exploring the medium that I give my students to do, along side of them and at home. It helps me remember the frustrations, the problems, the solutions of the medium/project. It keeps me fresh.

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Angela Cappetta said...

That is a very stirring painting. Well done.