Monday, September 28, 2009

Current Studio Work

I got into the studio yesterday for the first time in weeks. I spent a good five hours in there cleaning, getting reacquainted with everything (it takes a bit to locate and set up supplies for my various projects) and making both cards and art.

I had hoped that the muse would pay me a visit, even if I was only making cards, and she did, only it always isn't what you expected.

I call myself a bricolage artist; one who works with a diverse range of items that are "at hand".Since my work space and studio are crowded with stuff, that is not hard to do. However, sometimes it can be overwhelming, so I will pick a box or pick a pile and start to work.

I never know what happens. Lots of cards get made, and I periodically get ideas on paintings and larger collages that I want to do.

As I was sorting out photos for the photo drawer, I picked up some paint and decided to play with a few photos of children. I accidentally scratched the dry paint on the 1860's photo, and it came off. So then I thought OK, let's scratch into that. Then came out the watercolor photo paints, and the markers. A few hours later and a lot of chuckling, I made a few pieces as well as a bunch of cards.

Today I am a bit stressed about some medical issues that my daughter has. I think I will stay home on this rainy day and amuse myself in the studio. Remember what Reader's Digest always said "Laughter is the Best Medicine" ( a column I used to read in the 60's that always amused me).



tangled stitch said...

I love this card. Lovely colors and such a beauty!

Joey Fullum said...

These remind me of a devil-may-care version of the Goya infantes. The conceptual abstraction is uplifting.