Thursday, September 3, 2009

Card and Book Design to the Highest Level

Larry sent me a link today for the a book by Barbara Hodgson titled My Card: Variantions. Limited Edition of 9 copies, only 6 of which are for sale. $2500.00 for a copy.

Of course you know out came my calculator to figure that if there were 30 cards in the box, it came to 83.00 a card. She has to share the profits with the bookbinder and printer, and then there are the supplies, but even if she mades 40-50.00 a card, she isn't doing badly.

It looks like a beautiful collector's item.

Perhaps I too have to raise the card to an even higher level than I already have.
But something tells me that it is very hard to sell something like this; most likely a museum or library might buy it, or a collector of rare and limited edition books.

But I like the concept, and I will muse upon it for a bit. If I only had all the cards I made over the past 10 years; I would have an incredible set of cards made with antique paper, with text to chuckle by. Sort of a feminine Edward Gorey. I already have the title for it...."Nursery Crimes".

You never know......


tangled stitch said...

Very interesting concept. Not sure it would work anywhere else but elevate your prices anyway!

Patti Gibbons said...

why NOT raise my prices....they aren't selling anyway, hahaha. I am doing my yearly fair and am going to have to figure out how to get people to buy in this I suspect that I will have to create some series that I can pack together and actually to get some money in for heating the studio..somehow..someway...still should try a yart sale....