Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prospective Shows?

I got an email from a friend in NJ about a show in NYC at Digitas, a company my brother in law worked for a while back. The marketing/media NY division is on Park Avenue and the company holds a craft fair for their employees for three hours one day in December. No fees, they will provide the tables and 700-800 potential buyers.

They were also looking for cards.

Upon receiving the email I sent off some pics of my cards. I did not send holiday card photos, and they were my more left of center cards, a few recently shown on this blog.

They were met with immediate interest.

I am awaiting to hear if they have a spot for me.

The universe gave me a gift, and I will run with it as far as it will let me.

The worst scenario? I make a trip to NYC with a friend and I make no money. I highly doubt that would be the case. The best scenario? My work is met with appreciation and people will snatch up what I do without a second thought. They will get what I do.

Today I also got an invitation to a juried show called FOOD, curated by Mary Anne Erikson of Bistro to Go fame, a place that is most fabulous for getting take out or to have cater your party. (the food rocks man!) It is at my alma mater Jr. college, and I have JUST the piece for the show. Political, saavy, well I will send off a photo of it, and see what happens.

I am thankful to the universe for all that it has given me.


PS this card is a GEM....available on Etsy.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Show Report

And a good time was to be had by all.

We had a nice turnout in spite of the weather. It was more of a party than an opening, reminiscent of the openings at Studio 8 when Lois and I had the gallery.

It is always nice to have my friends come out and support me and local business, and to spend time chatting with them.

Two young women came from an hour away, not knowing we were having an opening, but they said they had such a great time shopping. I am sure they will be back.

I made enough money to keep my studio heated for a few more months; just the thought of closing it down makes me sad. I like having everything in there, including the paints, ready for me when I have some time to work.

My next big event is Unison in early December. From today on I will be in production for that show. I have nothing made yet, but I am sure if I put in an hour or two a day, I will be fine.

I did not sell any large pieces. Items 20.00 and under sold easily. The paintings may sit for a while. Who has an extra 50-500.00 sitting around. Most of my friends don't. Though I will bring some of my artwork to Unison, I will concentrate of pieces less than 50.00...small works that I can easily frame.

Cards flew out the door. Two out of three journals sold as well as a few of my altered antique photographs.

Thanks to you all who came, and for those who don't live nearby me, I have two Etsy shops: Catskillpaper and Pagibbons. Keep checking back every week for new items to be listed!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hot Cross Buns

"Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns!
One a penny two a penny - Hot cross buns
If you have no daughters, give them to your sons
One a penny two a penny - Hot cross buns"

Tonight's work is a collaged antique photograph for the front of a journal. All papers are pre 1900! It is a passion and slight obsession of mine, making new stories out of old.

This Molesine 5 x 8.25" blank book with pocket will delight the cook in your life, or someone who has a slightly twisted sense of humor.

To be found at my trunk show on Saturday down at BECKON, or if you can't get there and you HAVE to have this, email me at

Some shameless self-promotion here. And I have PAYPAL.


Monday, October 20, 2008

And Tossed a Dumpling at his Head

I want to give this image to an art class and have them write a story.
Why did they want to throw a dumpling at his head? Does throwing a dumpling from a height give it more force?

Much of my work is open-ended narrative and I often wonder if people get the humor and stories I tell with my cards.

It doesn't matter, I get such a kick out of making them.....

Here is tonight's fave. It's called GET EVEN through card making.


Sunday, October 19, 2008


I am soo very busy getting ready for a show and living my normal life on top of it, so I may just do a card-a-night posting---pick the favorite card that I made in the late afternoon time slot in the studio.

I am working hard to make some new stock, but at the same time I try and keep up with the house, and myself, and not get distraught. I figure "it all is what it is" and accept that what I bring is the absolute perfect amount of stock.

Here is tonight's pick... Home Went the Little Woman. House is from a set of 1800's prints I had, the woman is from a 1920's Clothing Catalog, and the marbled paper from the 1970's. Text is also 1800's. I am going to have a hard time selling this one.
At the very least I will scan it and save it as a digital file.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Worthy art Project: 1,500,000 Butterflies

I an in Kentucky helping my daughter after surgery with her children.

Art wise all I am doing is keeping up with my blogs, taking photos, and just enjoying being a grandmother. Oh, and teaching my four year old granddaughter to use her watercolors. (photo here)

Enclosed is a worthy link to do with your school kids if you are a teacher or an artist, or just anyone who feels passionate about this -- the 1,500,000 Butterflies Project to recognize and honor the lives lost of 1,500,000 CHILDREN in the Holocaust.

I am going to do this with my high school art students.

After spending 5 glorious days with my grandchildren, I cannot imagine the pain and the loss suffered during that time. I almost can't even go there without crying.

Enjoy every moment of life.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

To the Fall

It still has not frosted here, my pulling the basil was premature. It did give me a few photo ops, but now that I am leaving for Kentucky first thing in the morning, I won't be able to make pesto out of it. What am I to do.

Here is a photo of the three pumpkins sitting outside my studio. The bench only has three legs, but I lean it up against the building. I was given to me for free, me who who adopts rickety chairs. Seems I have graduated to benches too.

The other is of lovely pink Japanese poppies that are in their last bloom.

I will be in Kentucky for 6 days. I may bring my watercolors and paper instead of my laptop. Megan does not have wireless, and all the routers on the Army base are blocked. My paints are much lighter than the laptop so I look forward to the lighter carry on. I will probably load it up with books instead.

To more new adventures, Patti O

Monday, October 6, 2008


This was the only art I got done tonight... an exercise in abstraction from a closeup of the plastic juice pitcher which held my harvest of basil as tonight it may frost.

When I see these blues, I remember the sapphire blue candies my grandmother kept in a dish on her coffee table in Brooklyn in the early 60's.

I only went there a few times as a young child, but I remember they looked like magic and had the purest of mint flavor which took my breath away. I have never found a mint that matches what I remember them to be. Perhaps I just imagined it...
They were fairy candy, wrapped in fragile cellophane as thin as dragonfly wings.

I find myself loving these shades of coolness and refreshment, the blues you see in the deep winter in the snow, the blues and greens of the Caribbean.

Perhaps I will paint this......


Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Gad About Town

It has been a long time since I have spent time doing the gallery opening circuit. I have either been away, or had another event to attend, so this month's show at ASK was the first time in ages since I have been out, or put art into a show.

The other day I headed downtown to deliver my landscapes for the Plein Air show at ASK, and ran into another gallery owner. Upon seeing me, he asked me if I wanted to be in a Holiday Show at his gallery. I was delighted, as I like the gallery and the people who run it.

Then I went to the opening for the show last night, and saw many artists whom I have not seen in a long time.

My postcards are in and I found myself also talking about my future show and handing out cards. The toughest part of this job is marketing myself in a way that I am comfortable, yet effective. (however I generally trust in the universe to provide me with exactly what I need-no more, no less). I tried to be subtle and tell only people who might be interested in seeing what I do, and I do have a few collectors of my cards, and the occasional art pieces.

Anyway, if you get a chance, check out the Plein Air show at the ASK gallery on lower Broadway in Kingston, NY. Tonight's artwork was a piece that I painted very freely as the sun was setting and blinding me on the banks of the Hudson at Clermont. I love this painting, and I lovingly matted and framed it. I will be so glad to have it in my house when the show comes down. I also have an acrylic painting/sketch I did at Olana. It is full of line, color, and mood. That too will find a nice spot in my house. That is, unless it sells.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A card

I have been busy designing more cards for my patron. Here is one for tonight, appropriate for a cool early autumn night.

ms. p.

A funny note.... I was reviewing for a quiz in my art history class, and I asked the question, what is object was made in 25,000 BC? One of my students answered "Miss Patti". "Ha, very funny I replied" and we all had a good laugh.