Sunday, October 19, 2008


I am soo very busy getting ready for a show and living my normal life on top of it, so I may just do a card-a-night posting---pick the favorite card that I made in the late afternoon time slot in the studio.

I am working hard to make some new stock, but at the same time I try and keep up with the house, and myself, and not get distraught. I figure "it all is what it is" and accept that what I bring is the absolute perfect amount of stock.

Here is tonight's pick... Home Went the Little Woman. House is from a set of 1800's prints I had, the woman is from a 1920's Clothing Catalog, and the marbled paper from the 1970's. Text is also 1800's. I am going to have a hard time selling this one.
At the very least I will scan it and save it as a digital file.


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