Monday, October 6, 2008


This was the only art I got done tonight... an exercise in abstraction from a closeup of the plastic juice pitcher which held my harvest of basil as tonight it may frost.

When I see these blues, I remember the sapphire blue candies my grandmother kept in a dish on her coffee table in Brooklyn in the early 60's.

I only went there a few times as a young child, but I remember they looked like magic and had the purest of mint flavor which took my breath away. I have never found a mint that matches what I remember them to be. Perhaps I just imagined it...
They were fairy candy, wrapped in fragile cellophane as thin as dragonfly wings.

I find myself loving these shades of coolness and refreshment, the blues you see in the deep winter in the snow, the blues and greens of the Caribbean.

Perhaps I will paint this......


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