Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prospective Shows?

I got an email from a friend in NJ about a show in NYC at Digitas, a company my brother in law worked for a while back. The marketing/media NY division is on Park Avenue and the company holds a craft fair for their employees for three hours one day in December. No fees, they will provide the tables and 700-800 potential buyers.

They were also looking for cards.

Upon receiving the email I sent off some pics of my cards. I did not send holiday card photos, and they were my more left of center cards, a few recently shown on this blog.

They were met with immediate interest.

I am awaiting to hear if they have a spot for me.

The universe gave me a gift, and I will run with it as far as it will let me.

The worst scenario? I make a trip to NYC with a friend and I make no money. I highly doubt that would be the case. The best scenario? My work is met with appreciation and people will snatch up what I do without a second thought. They will get what I do.

Today I also got an invitation to a juried show called FOOD, curated by Mary Anne Erikson of Bistro to Go fame, a place that is most fabulous for getting take out or to have cater your party. (the food rocks man!) It is at my alma mater Jr. college, and I have JUST the piece for the show. Political, saavy, well I will send off a photo of it, and see what happens.

I am thankful to the universe for all that it has given me.


PS this card is a GEM....available on Etsy.

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