Monday, October 13, 2008

Worthy art Project: 1,500,000 Butterflies

I an in Kentucky helping my daughter after surgery with her children.

Art wise all I am doing is keeping up with my blogs, taking photos, and just enjoying being a grandmother. Oh, and teaching my four year old granddaughter to use her watercolors. (photo here)

Enclosed is a worthy link to do with your school kids if you are a teacher or an artist, or just anyone who feels passionate about this -- the 1,500,000 Butterflies Project to recognize and honor the lives lost of 1,500,000 CHILDREN in the Holocaust.

I am going to do this with my high school art students.

After spending 5 glorious days with my grandchildren, I cannot imagine the pain and the loss suffered during that time. I almost can't even go there without crying.

Enjoy every moment of life.


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