Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Changing Blogs ....

In an effort to streamline operations here at 17 Mountainview, I am going to drop this blog, drop my fan page on Facebook, and just keep Twitter for the public, (found under pagibbons), Facebook for my local, virtual, and business friends, and all blogs will be posted at my other blog, EAT MAN DRINK WATER.

I have ATTEMPTED to keep my art and my life separate from one another, but alas, all I have done is create more work for myself, and the reality is that my art is my life, my life is my art, art is life, life is art. So, one blog, one website.

However I am going to keep two Etsy accounts going. Catskillpaper for the ephemera, and Pagibbons for my art. Ebay is still Catskillpaper.

Please hop over to my other blog, where you can read about art and life, and how they are inexorably, inextricably intertwined.

Love to all my readers, and thanks for following me!!!!!



Anonymous said...

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