Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Show Time......

I have returned from my 10 day hiatus through 5 states and one time zone.

I made little art for 10 days. My art was cooking and being with my family and loving every moment with them. And honestly, I need a break from my art at times as I am a bit obsessive and easily fall into a work-a-holic routine where I forget about cooking, hanging out, playing, watching birds and noticing life.

But I have a show on the 4th and card orders to fill, so I have been careful organizing my time so that I have had time every day for editing my work, framing, and making cards.

I replaced my broken printer with a new Canon Pixma MX850, but it has sat for three days and I have STILL not installed it. I just know that I have to put aside an hour or two to install, learn, etc. this new printer/fax/scanner and then get my ass in gear and print up another round of cards!

Here is a chuckle, a card that is going off to one of my clients.


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