Monday, September 1, 2008

Watercolor Sketch

Friday I overnighted a card order to a client, Saturday I delivered 20 cards to BECKON, downtown on the Strand in Kingston. Yesterday I spent the day with a friend, and today I did very little except play.

Tomorrow I start school, which absorbs a good deal of my time till next June. Somehow I have to keep painting, making cards, and growing as an artist in whatever time and energy I have left over from teaching art to teens-at-risk.

I still have to make cards for the show on Thursday, and have paintings to sign, so the next two days will be FULL!

Yet I know that after work tomorrow I will say F-it to setting up my classroom, and head home to sun and swim soaking up every last ounce of summer sunshine, and then dash back home to work in the studio for one last blast, as my mantra is to continue to take time each and every day for ME.

Today I headed to the banks of the Hudson River at Clermont for the sun set. I painted an expressionistic watercolor as the sun was blinding me off the Hudson River while I sipped on a Corona. It was a splendid day........


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Anonymous said...

Splendid indeed... I could not find you on Facebook! XOXO Margaret Ryon