Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The show put me back a bit, and I have been trying to get acclimated to my school schedule. Work all day teaching kids who themselves are still on summer party schedule is tough, and afterwards I come home to work in the studio.

I freaked last week and did very little. Too much going on in my life and I knew I could not jump into two jobs so soon.

But this week I have to get back to work as I have an order to fill, and a show coming in another 7 weeks.

I also am going to Kentucky again to take care of my daughter's children while she recovers from some surgery. Thankfully the biopsies came back ok...but she will still need a hand with the 2 month old and the 4 year old.

The cards were made today, one for a man who owns a film house in Europe, the other, who knows who will get that one.

I hope I get some time to paint sometime soon too. I feel a painting needing to be birthed.


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