Saturday, November 17, 2007

Custom Birthday Card

It took me a few weeks to put together all the pieces, but I made this card for my dear husband's birthday. I had so much fun making it, which reminded me of all the good times we have had. Sure, we have had some mean rough patches, but heck, we need them to appreciate the good!!!!

I finished 1/2 of my order of 100 collage ornaments for EARTH ANGELS. I still have 50 more to do, as well as get ready for a craft show in 2 weeks. I keep plugging away every day, and eventually come to an acceptance that I can only do so much, and it all "is what it is". Each year I seem to bring less and make more, or make a connection and meet new collectors or customers. My focus is abundance and acceptance, and that keeps me sane.

I ran into an artist friend today; our collective energies and input inspired one another. One short hour could have changed our art and lives forever! Thank you universe for our meeting at the post office today!!!!! PERFECT TIMING!!!!!

I received a lovely email from a woman who bought an antique print on Etsy from me. It was of Hooker's Sea Lions, and she told me that she used to work with sea lions and seals, so this print had special meaning to her. I am posting her blog link under my fave blogs. Check it out, she has some really cool art and photos and info on it!!!! Kazu and Co.

Back out to the studio! xpatti

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