Saturday, May 24, 2008

Detroit Photos

I am on another trip down to see my daughter who is now in Kentucky. Since I am away from my studio, my camera comes out so that I don't suffer withdrawal.

The photos here were taken in a tunnel in the Detroit airport. It was the first time I have passed through this airport, and though large, I did not have to take any buses or trains to get from one part to the other. Plus, I got smart and purchased a rolling laptop/carry-on case, which really helps when getting from one place to another without killing my back or shoulder.

I used the dodge tools in a few places in two of the photographs, but most of the photo was taken with available light, no flash, on a moving walkway, and left as is directly from the camera.

It was the coolest thing, with the changing colors and abstract New Age genre music!


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darlene aKa HugGeR said...

Very kool photos, I wish Iknew more about doing least some days, especilly when I see photos like yours. Then I have to remind myself it's her gift :>)