Thursday, November 13, 2008

Show Pieces

In my high school film class we are watching Basquiat, a film about a young man of color who becomes a star in the art world. Though I do not think I would WANT to live the lifestyle of a famous artist who is HOT on the scene, married to the studio in frantic creation and whipping one's art around the world, I do fantasize about someone finding my work and thinking it is the best thing since sliced bread. It is probably every artist's dream.

I suppose some day my things will be collected...after all, I have thousands of wonderful one of a kind cards that have been launched into the world, as well as a handful of paintings and collages, with a fair amount of art in my studio and house. Maybe 200 years from now...a piece will show at MOMA. PA Gibbons: A woman who kept a low profile, but was outspoken in her work -- too humble for the ego driven world of dealers and gallery owners, but on top of injustices, politics and wit. A never recovered Catholic who committed sins in her art.... Hmm...back to earth.

I made two pieces for the upcoming show "We're in it for the Money" down at Donskoj for the December show. Part of the show rules is to use a dollar bill as a component of the work. I made two pieces, and I have to say, loved every friggin moment of creating them. I also did two more W pieces, as seen on my Eat Man Drink Water blog.

I wonder if they are too over-the-edge. I find them very funny, and they each tell a little story, incorporating folds of dollar bills that I learned many years ago. Of course there was a "W" card, and well, the pictures say 1000 things. Even if he doesn't want them, I do. And that is what counts in the end, no?


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tangled stitch said...

It is lovely to see your beautiful work again. I took a hiatus during the political season and am back on the blogging. Hope all is well with you and your family and your beautiful creativity.