Sunday, August 16, 2009

In Progress

Here are three painting in progress that I started on the Cape. They are very rough, are blocked out in acrylic, and I suspect that they will all be done however in oils over the acrylic. I cannot achieve my vision in the acrylics, save perhaps for the one of the salt marsh.

The blue one is a view from our terrace at 10 pm at night, the glow from the town of Wellfleet hovering over the tree line of the marsh, with the little lights from the huge house on the march aglow.

The other is of a sunset in progress....lots more to add.

The final one of the salt Marsh at Great Island. Only just started.

Will have to work on these this week, along with one of the distant view of the Hudson from Olana that needs another layer. I am liking painting small for a bit, but do miss the looseness of the large canvas.

Off to swim for our last day of the weekend...and maybe some time later on in the studio.


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