Saturday, August 8, 2009

Heading Out

Haven't been in the studio for a while as I had to take off to Westchester and Queens to see my aunt for the last time before she passes on, and then I had to pack for my trip to the Cape and do the 10,000 things that need to be done in order to get away for a week.

For the first time I am bringing paints other than watercolors with me, along with a bunch of small canvases.

With the way the summer is going, I am sure that every single day isn't going to be warm and sunny, so I hope that I can set up my table easel somewhere and paint. I will have my digital camera, and my laptop, so that I can access my painting reference photos, or else I will just paint the landscape outside one of the windows..unless there is none. And, since I have never rented this house before, who knows what view there is, if any.

I feel a slow but sure improvement in my painting. Each time I do a painting, something is learned about composition, color, technique. I am striving to find a voice in how I express my emotion in my work, to give it a niche in the world of landscape painting. And, I have only painted the ocean a few times before, so this will be an opportunity to expand my horizons.

It is now 4 am..and I hope I can get back to sleep. More from the cape, Patti

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tangled stitch said...

Have a great trip! And good luck with the painting too!