Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Catskills in the Rain

Still working on this painting as I am struggling with getting the clouds and mist right, as well as the middle ground.

I challenge myself from time to time with difficult landscapes, so that I can push the envelope and learn. Sometimes however, I wish I could just google it, find out how to do it, and let it be magic instead of laboring over it so long. But that is the way I learn about color, how the paint moves and works, and it forces me to explore the medium.

And, someone will like it I am sure.

I dread tomorrow as I have to check on the studio. With all the rain it may have flooded, and there is nothing I can do about it now. There is always something that is not in plastic, or I leave on the floor. Always. And then there is the clean up.The wet vac, the towels. I have to put the heat on to dry it out. Something always molds. But I am getting ahead of myself. Perhaps it is OK. BUT it isn't likely.

And then there are the woodchucks and tomato blight that have me totally OCD'd



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tangled stitch said...

I love it! Very beautiful. What is going on with all this rain anyway? Almost time to build an ark!