Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

This picture by Magritte was one I saw at the MOMA on one of my trips to NYC when I was a teen. I remember being mesmerized by it. I bought the poster, framed it, and had it for many years until I had to sell it at a yard sale during one of my many moves when I was a single parent. Or perhaps I just gave it away.

It reminds me of my childhood on the south shore of Long Island on hot summer nights, when we would sit on our top stoop and watch the sun go down, the sky turning Magritte blue, while the lights came on one by one in the neighboring houses. If we were lucky we would see fireworks from one of the towns in the distance, cheering with each !BOOM!.

Those nights were magic, and hot summer evenings still hold the very same magic for me decades later. Perhaps it is those memories that drive me to paint sunsets and use that very same blue in some of my work.

I hope you all have a happy 4th, full of magic, picnics, fireworks, family and friends.

Patti O Celebration

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tangled stitch said...

I had a marvelous 4th glad to hear you did too! Blessings and see you soon!