Wednesday, July 8, 2009


My work was not accepted into the active members group.

I know it wasn't because of my work, as I got an invite to a solo show of an artist in the same organization, and to tell you the truth, my work is equally as good....and holds its own very well thank you next to this work.

But, I have to remember to not take it personally, and there are any number of reasons that I did not get in, but it isn't because my work isn't good or well put together.

When you join an "art organizations" - probably most art organizations, you are signing into a complex web of egos who sit on boards and committees, and one's success may be measured by the ability to help the organization whether thru financial contributions, or volunteer work, and preferably a bit of both.

As a new member who does not have time to volunteer, or money to donate to the cause, I suspect I will have to wait the full two years and four shows ruling to get full benefits. I really wish I could say that it is the art itself and ONLY the art which speaks, but I know better. Many people buy their way into the art world.

Yet still I believe in the goal of the organizations, to promote art and artists, and I will wait my turn and go through the rejections in order to get my small little seat in my local niche.

I hope I don't come across as sour grapes. I just speak the truth and have stayed out of being on committees and boards because ego gets involved all too often. But I will support them as they ARE doing good for the art community and the community at large, and as long as I still love what I am doing, the rest doesn't matter, does it?

In humor, Patti

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tangled stitch said...

I have had some setbacks of my own and needed to read your blog. No sour grapes, just reality and your work is fabulously inspiring so just let it run off your back and try somewhere else!