Sunday, July 12, 2009

Making Appearances

In my mind, the perfect scenario for me to be would be stay home locked away in my studio and make art. Somehow through magic "they" will find me, love my art, and they will buy.

But the reality is, they won't know if you don't get out there to show and tell the world, and they aren't going to find you with out signs-in the figurative sense of the word.

One of the hardest lessons for artists young and old to learn is that 1/3 of your time is spent marketing. That takes the form of schmoozing, making business cards, having a website (mine has to be re-designed and all of the files are on my portable hard drive which is not cooperating with the iMac), entering shows, joining art groups, going to shows etc. It's hard work at times, but we are our own best salespeople as we are the ones who believe in our art.

Yesterday I had enough time to make ONE card in the studio for a dear friend who was celebrating his first year anniversary. I also started weeding out piles of papers into what I will use, and what I will sell. Even though I love to make my cards and mixed media pieces, I will never use all that I have, and I need money more than I need paper.

I did make it to a friend's show, as well as to the Varga Gallery, where I had 2 pieces. When I got there she did not have the labels up, so I found mine, and proceeded to put them on, while talking to a few people who were interested in my work. We talked technique, subject, and process, and though I did not sell the pieces, I was connecting with other artists and patrons. I had a lovely time, and it was all good.

I take off to Kentucky with Alanna on Wednesday, and will stay down there a few days before I head home. Once I am home, I am going to put myself full force into my work, cleaning the studio, selling stuff, and doing the "hustle".

Tonight's pics are of two chairs by Scott Ackermann that I thought were really cool.
I don't know the details, but if you are in Woodstock, check out his solo show at Varga's.


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