Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I fly to Kentucky to bring my granddaughter home tomorrow and return Saturday.

I will miss her so, but I am also anxious to get back into the studio and meet up with my muse and make some ART. I have missed it, but also realize the importance of spending time with Alanna.

My husband is a photographer, specializing in 8 x 10 view camera film photography. But he also has a collection of cameras, including some monster of a digital Canon with a variety of lenses. He has taken some amazing photographs with it, though black and white is his true love, and he is still trying to learn Photoshop.

A photo of Alanna playing with her first sparkler taken by Larry with the Canon.


And may magic be in my studio when I return home, and abundant in yours too!


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tangled stitch said...

Beautiful photo of Alanna. Safe trip and can't wait to see your ART!