Friday, July 24, 2009

Eat Man Drink Water: A Bloggers Slog Through the Hudson Valley

Sometimes I cannot separate my personal life from my rather than repeating myself here...especially to my readers who read both blogs, take a hop over to my other blog, EAT MAN DRINK WATER which has two postings about art.

It talks about some of my recent art struggles, and the show I am currently in.

Also, for those who are on Facebook, I have two pages. One personal, Patti Gibbons, and one art, Catskill Paper. Feel free to friend me..just say you are a reader of my blog in case I don't know you. I have had to block a lot of Twitter followers as their Twits were about sex or suggestive of it, and though I am not opposed to whatever they are doing, I will keep that part of my life personal!

Off to organize my digital photos which is always a challenge!


Photo of the piece LIGHT FLIGHT accepted into the Woodstock Art Asso/Museum for the show: Energy, Spirit, and Vision, a celebration of the concert at Woodstock 40 years ago.

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