Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Erraticus Zine or Christmas in July Part II..

Sometime around 11 pm, when the kid had gone to bed, the laundry done and folded, and I couldn't stand up anymore, I opened up one of the three zines I had bought to bed with me to read.

The 2006 Holiday issue of the Erraticus zine won, with its slick color printing, and eye candy Christmas images. After all, I had spent part of the day listing some of my vintage Christmas collection on Etsy, and was in the holiday spirit, even if it is in July.

I met the author, Melissa, McCobb Hubbel, around 2000 or so, when we met at a workshop given by Jonathan Talbot in his Warwick, NY studio. It was a weekend where we got jump-started, validated, and gained confidence as artists, as well as learned from and greatly enjoyed the company of a master artist. We shared stories as easily as we shared paper.

At the end of the workshop, we said our goodbyes, never knowing if we would see one another again, but sure that our ventures would be deeper entrenched in the art world.

I met Melissa at an opening one other time, and on occasion we still stay in touch through the Internet, we have connected on collaborative projects and once or twice I even participated in one of her zines.

I have watched her grow as an artists and writer. In many ways she far outshines me in the amount of work she gets done, her zines, her marketing and her vision. I don't begrudge or envy it, as I know that we are each on our own unique journey, which is just "right" for us.

I am not selling nor giving away this zine. It is lovely, full of inspirational artwork by many artists, too many to name in person. I was especially inspired by the danglies made in an Internet exchange hosted by Melissa, and the sculptural pieces by Raine Klover. It will maintain a place of honor along side of my books that I use as reference in my work.

I wonder why it took me so long to read this, but ...there is a season for everything in life, and mine happens to be July of 2009..... two and a half years after the publication of the zine in the dead of summer. A nice way to cool off!

Thank you, and TO LIFE Melissandre!

Ms. pootie

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