Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Hudson from Olana

I started this Friday, and finished today. 8 x 10" oil painting on canvas.
Sunset on the Hudson from Olana.

My intention is not to paint like the Hudson River artists, but I am influenced by the love of their work, the history of American art during this period, and my passionate love for the Hudson Valley.

I have decided to work on a series of Hudson Valley paintings this summer in oils, and during the week I spend in Wellfleet, I will take my acrylics. My goal is to have a body of 20 pieces of work, both small and large, that reflect the beauty and the moods of my local landscape, in a way that also reflects my personal experiences with it.

I am learning so much as I paint and photograph my inspirations, constantly thinking about light/quality of light, composition, mood. Fear of the white canvas is no longer an issue, and I paint knowing I don't have to be perfect. Some canvases are best left as examples of the learning process. The journey has been a wonderful one.


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tangled stitch said...

Patti, it is beautiful. I can't wait to visit the Hudson Valley through your eyes. It is a beautiful place and you have captured the Hudson beautifully!