Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Floral Greeting Cards

I was able to spend a few hours in the studio in between doing some gardening and inside work which I try to do before it gets too hot. I was fired up and produced several sets of cards. Imagine what I could do if I worked all day!!! I think those days will be only when it rains though as there is tons of work to do on my house, and the only way I will get it done is if I work a few hours a day on it. And I make sure I take at least an hour a day to myself in quietude or with friends.

Today's two sets of cards are made with old prints from the 1880's. They were little chomolithographs which I sewed onto art paper and then the cardstock with metallic threads. Chromolithography is a printing method which is no longer done, and if so, it is probably done as fine art, rather than a method of mass production of prints. It was very time consuming and tedius, but the prints are rich with color. You can see if an old print is a "chromo" by examining it closely with either the naked eye, or with a magnifying glass. The print is made up of a series of dots, but they are not evenly spaced as with more modern methods.

I happen to collect these kinds of prints and love them for their brilliance of color. Slick magazine printing just does not do it for me like these cards do.

More on printing methods and on paper over time. I don't want to overwhelm you with too much info! These cards are available on Etsy, the link is provided here.

I also do custom work, and sometimes incorporate these prints into my fine art.

Till tomorrow! Patti

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