Monday, June 25, 2007


I have my template roughed out for my blog here at Catskill Paper. I am sure over time I will be tweaking it here and there, but it is up and ready to go. My original blog, Eat Man Drink Water, was intended to show my work, but as time went by I found myself wanting to tell stories, talk about issues that concern mankind, as well as talk about art. I have been writing for a year now, and have found it to be the balm of my soul in addition to the time I get in the studio.

I am off for the summer, and am lucky that I have the next two months to work on my art. I have given a lot up this year in dealing with my 23 year old daughter and her rare form of cancer, and helping out with her toddler as well as teaching art full time.

This blog is all about art. About my love for paper which I will share, about the art that I make every single day in some form, as well as books, movies, and events that center around art.

Please feel free to share your thoughts here. At some point I would love to do some exchanges/trades with fellow artists or collectors.

This card is available on etsy. All my work is either sold privately (contact me via blog or email) or through Etsy or Ebay. I am reworking my website for some of my other work, and will keep you all updated on that. I use art and antique papers in my cards and each is one of a kind save for my printed ones, and this fits into a 5 x 7" frame. The print is from an antique nursery rhyme book that I have hand watercolored and sewn onto art paper. I have always had an obsession with stationery as a child, and collected boxes of it. Now, I just make it! Patti

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Judy V. said...

How do you get so much done?
I have the drama queens that I love, they came from an old poetry book "The Manual of Elocution" the photos were taken by RO Law in 1890s. I clorized them in photoshop do you want a CD copy of them in exchange for something else?