Saturday, June 30, 2007

Outdoor Sketching

Quick posting. I am getting ready for going to the Dylan concert and am heading to NYC at 7 am to play for a few days. Got new batteries for the camera (and a spare set), bought a laptop so that hopefully I will be able to write and pick up some one's wireless signal, and I already have my sketching items all packed from yesterday. I pack as lightly as I can, and manage to bring a fair amount of things that don't weigh too much. I think I am getting this traveling thing down. You do it enough you eventually get good at it!

I bring one backpack, a very small gym bag, and the laptop. I can travel for 3-4 days with that and it includes paints, sketchbooks, camera, all my little electronic devices, several changes of clothes and personal care items. I am in touch with the world, even if I have to wear some things a few days in a row!

The sketch posted here was done yesterday afternoon hiking in the Mohonk Preserve. View is of the Shawungunk Mountain Range.

My back pack in the field carries the following: a large gallon baggy that carries all brushes,paints,towels etc. and a few small sketch pads. I have a plastic container for water, a few paper towels, a small camera bag that holds the digital camera, the Ipod and accessories, and my cell phone. I carry patchouli oil as insect repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, a bikini in case of a swim attack, tissues. This all fits nicely with room to spare in the pack. The side pocket carries 1-2 bottles of water.

It is fairly light and manageable to carry for several hours. I should get a knife or leatherman. That would be a very cool tool to have.

If I were traveling alone, I would carry pepper spray, or something like that. I should get something anyway as there are indeed bears in thar hills as well as all other kinds of wildlife. Then there are those smelly boys, LOL. Kidding.

Off to get ready, I am looking forward to be even MORE inspired! patti o adventure!!

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