Monday, July 2, 2007


I am in NYC with my friend Annie, at her cousin's huge apartment on Riverside Drive, overlooking the Hudson. It is a fabulous place; I feel like I am in another world.

We spent the afternoon at the Guggenheim which was wonderful and inspirational, as well as the views sitting inside the bus. Annie and I shot away with our digital cameras, and talked about some collaborative work based upon some of the work we saw at the museum. Many of the works we saw (Kandinsky, Rebay et. al.) seemed so contemporary in relationship to some of the artwork I see now.

The rest of the afternoon having drinks and calmari at an open cafe where we sat and sketched. The owners were cool with our hanging out, and we just sat and observed people and the surroundings.

Sunset was stunning, and I spent the evening photographing it through various windows in the apartment.

Today a visit to St. John the Divine, and who knows where else we will end up. Mondays is the day that many of the museums close, but there are some that remain open. I will seek them out. If not, the galleries should be open!

This sunset was taken w/my camera, and is not enhanced with any photo program. My laptop does not have anything on it, so you are getting this unadulterated.

It is has been beautiful here...70's, no humidity. You can't get better weather than this in NYC!

later, Patti

PS for the most incredible music go to Annie's relative's mypage and view his video. Geoffrey Castle is an amazing electric violin player! Click on his U-Tube video and watch him tear up the strings! Later! Patti

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