Saturday, July 28, 2007

In Honor of the Moon

The past few days I have been away at a friend's but I took my camera and we made a bunch of girlie shots and played around with her new Canon Pixma printer and printed out a bunch of 4 x 6" prints on Office Max glossy paper. THEY LOOKED GREAT. She was so tickled that she had lovely photos of she and I.

I have been exploring digital photography as a means of documentation, of learning photoshop, and making art. I had a small epiphany today about how much I enjoy photographing people. I do not plan on becoming another Liebowitz or Avedon, but I do see it as a possible way of future income or new projects. What I love most is making people forget about the camera and be themselves and let their inner selves shine. I took HUNDREDS of portraits this year for the yearbook (my students did many too) and I am most satisfied when someone looks at their photos and says WOW, I like them!!! I also enjoy the interaction with them. Who knows where this new found love will bring me in the future.

I shot tonight's photos outside my side door. The moon is either full or near full and I wanted to capture it's eeriness. It made me think of werewolves and Dracula. I dragged the camera as I was taking the photo of the gargoyle so it looked like it was flying right off the house into the dark woods, like that one movie that starred Rae Dawn Chong in it from Tales from the Darkside. GREAT gargoyle story by the way.

I also particpated in a photo shoot tonight with an artist who is photographing people's favorite dream. THAT too was fun. I wonder if I will ever see the photos of me trying to fly....

till tomorrow, patti o light

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