Monday, July 16, 2007

Fabulous Print Rail

Larry bought me a present a while was a four section print rail that he got from IKEA. Yesterday he installed it for me.

The rail fits together into a 10' ledge with ridges that allow you to put prints, works in progress, canvases, small framed pieces etc. to view. Once it was done (took about an hour to install and all you need is a screwdriver, level, ruler, and a pencil) I gleefully dug out a bunch of my work to look at.

I started putting my art together according to medium, subject, etc. It really helped me look at several small bodies of work at once, as well as lay out things that are in various steps of completion.

It rocks. It frees up space. It makes my work visible. It is a fabu item for any kind of space. Thanks Ikea, and THANKS LARS!!!!


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MB Shaw said...

This is way cool. I *must* get one on my next trek to IKEA. Loved your Cape adventures, I haven't been there in years. It is such a charmed place.