Wednesday, July 4, 2007

When Paintings Don't Work

I took some of my photos into my studio today and labored over a painting. After a good hour or two, I shook my head, put the canvas aside, and decided I was better off working on the order from Earthangel Toys. At least I would get something complete.

I was a bit frustrated with the piece, as the other came so easily. Ha. A lesson learned.

So what to do. I think I will attempt to redo the painting over the acrylics with oils. If nothing else it has been a lesson learned, and I can paint over everything later on I suppose. I will also get out one of my books on the Hudson River painters, one that my friend Kip gave me on Gifford comes to mind, and study their work. Sometimes it helps.

This is not the painting, it is a piece done in artrage, but for some reason the grapics are really compressed and look sucky. I think if you alter a piece too much it does something to the image. So much to learn about digital art. Grrr.

Happy fourth everyone...!!! patti

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