Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Today was my last day in the city. Good thing, as I was running out of money. My two friends are not on an austerity budget like I am, and doing the museums and being out all day can get very pricey. Every train or bus is 2.00 a trip, and the only meal which cost me less than 20.00-30.00 was breakfast at Tom’s Diner. (they have the best BLTs that I have ever had, and they keep me fueled for a long time!)

Many of the museums cost between 12-20.00 to get into, unless you find one that is by “suggested donation”. The MET is like that, as well as St. John the Divine.

Yet it was worth every dine. I can take the trip off my taxes for either my business or for school, (I will probably split it between the two) I was inspired, I had fun. I laughed, I ate Thai, Indian, and Italian foods. I sampled new cheeses and drinks. And, I sketched.

Today’s pictures are sketehes I made while sitting either in open air cafes or on benches on Broadway.
At one point I felt my sketches getting tight, so I took out my watercolors and started sketching with those. They will loosen you up every time. I worked in a wonderful 5 x 7” or so Moleskin sketchbook, and used a black ink pen or pencil, and paint. I have a few hundred photographs to use as inspiration or in my work, and I am revitalized.

It has been an amazing time.


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