Monday, July 23, 2007

Thoughts While at the Dealership

I used this photograph in my personal blog today too. The rainy weather makes me lazy I suppose, as well as my @$%^@#^*!! allergies which cost me some time this afternoon as lethargy struck me and I had to lie down. Ok, so yes, not sleeping last night gave me a double whammy.

I had some time waiting for my car to be looked at, and I mused about being an artist. It is a 24/7 job, as makng art is only a part of the process. Every sunset,hike,movie, book, every MOMENT, pours into our vast vault of collective experiences. All that affects our senses is dumped into the vault, floating around, until bits and pieces get pulled and incorporated into some part of the creative process.

Life as a constant movie or story, a work of art in progress; our houses are installation pieces, our gardens active sculptural participants, our conversations just acts in a huge play. I live absorb my experiences to the very core of my being. I rejoice in its highs and lows, live in both the dark and the light.

Then my thoughts drifted to the IRS. If this is all so, then isn't almost every experience and expense an artist has tax deductible?

I will leave you with this silly thought. I am tired, I am done with thinking, and need to rest. I did get some work done in the studio and in a few days should have a few more pieces finished for my strange little wall of art.


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