Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finishing up Projects

The last few days that I have been in the studio have been a time of finishing up a ton of little things that I have left undone. Pictures half framed. Collages not mounted. Sorting through materials that need to go into my upcoming Yart sale.

While doing this I came to the realization that the making of art is only part of the job. I need to finish up the artwork and present them in a way that is worthy of their creation, not stuff them in a box!

I bought a frame for the collage I posted on last night's blog. It is beautiful, so perfect for the piece. It was 35.00...and I thought, my art is worthy of such a beautiful frame. I can't wait till it is matted and framed!

Off to bed. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow with a friend and two 2 year olds named Alanna!

Tonight's art is a digital alteration of a collage piece that I did for a book on Blackbirds. It is very bizarre. By now you are probably thinking, isn't most of her stuff?!!! patti

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