Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Visiting MOMA

New York City is over stimulation at times for me. The hustle and bustle, the sights, the architecture, the street art, the museums. We have not even been in one store (save the grocery store, the coffee roaster and the liquor store) to shop or buy anything. I even passed up books at the MOMA bookstore, though that one bible of work by ODD NERDRUM was mighty tempting, but it was 85.00 and it weighed about 10 lbs and I did not relish the thought of lugging that home.

After the best BLT I have ever had at Tom's Diner, we headed to St. John the Divine for some spiritual revitalization and a great place to shoot photos. I am well stocked for my lecture on Gothic Revival in New York City now. After that a trip to the MOMA, where my senses were constantly bombarded with art.

I love looking at paintings as you can see the richness of the technique and style of the artist which you can't see in a book. It constantly reminds me to get rid of any pre-conceived notions of what my painting is supposed to be, and just do it and do it and seek my own path. MOMA is six floors, and after hours of walking we did not have enough time to finish the entire museum.

We went back to our little cafe for more sketching. When I get home to my scanner I will post my little city sketches made while sipping on Italian sodas or some other special drink.

I could easily live in the city if I had an apartment like this one. It is giant, faces the River, and is full of art and is very tastefully done. Comfortable, not over pretentious. Full of books books books. The gentleman who lives here is a author, well known, whose writings have become movies. He has done well in life to earn this litte spot of heaven in a neighborhood that is safe and very quiet.

I am not sure what is on the menu for today. I have to leave later in the afternoon as I need to get into the studio and also decide how to celebrate my fourth. I am alone most of the day. I think I want to paint. I WAS going to go to Mohonk for the day..but am not totally sure about that yet. Perhaps if I get up early and paint in the morning I can do it all..........

A Monet for you today.....

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MB Shaw said...

There is nothing quite like the stimulation of faboo original art to make you scramble back to the studio, is there?