Sunday, July 15, 2007

Taking a Break

Just back from the Cape. I had bought my camera, sketching and watercolor supplies, my laptop, but I spent very little time making art or writing. Most of it was driving, shopping, walking, and just spending quality time with dear friends.

I am such a workaholic that it is often difficult for me to relax and let go and just have fun. On this trip I decided not to be so driven.

Internet access meant a drive into town and spending time without my friends, so I only did went once to take care of some pressing eBay emails, and after that I let it all go.

I went to one of the craft fairs on the Cape and enjoyed looking at the art and craft there. I took several business cards and made one major purchase.

I have been trying to figure out the "travel thing" in regards to a bag that holds my money, glasses, (sun and reading) my digital camera, an Ipod, a sketchbook and some pens, perhaps my watercolors, and my cell phone.

I have tried a backpack, which is overkill, I have tried a tote bag, which was OK, but did not have pockets. I have tried having 2 bags, but that is too much luggage.

I found a leather bag by Nericcio Leathers that looks like those Ameribags that you sling over your shoulder, but this ones strap (which is wider than most) unzips and it becomes a small backpack! It is made with fine leathers, smells great (I LOVE THE SMELL OF LEATHER)and has many pockets inside and out. The nice part is when you wear it as a backpack, the main zipper to the bag is facing your back for security.

I have not tried it yet, but I am sure it will work well for me. It was an investment (tax deductible for my business) and I am sure it will be my bag for many years to come. Both of my friends have also bought from this lovely woman before and attest to the quality of her bags. I have hot linked the company, so give her website a perusal.

Off to the studio!


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