Monday, December 31, 2007

I Did Part II

Today's snow was a perfect excuse to work on all my business things that have fallen by the wayside.

My website had outdated links, and needed some slight alterations. I bought web space from Go Daddy for my new website, and so far the customer service has been excellent.

I wish I knew how to use Dreamweaver well. I am going to research some sites that I like so that I have an idea of how I might set up my new website. I need to make a temporary site to put some of the cards up, and it will grow as I grow. I am so excited to put them out into the world. I think there is a need for cards that address weddings and love notes for lovers of all types. And, it will have a section for my cards that are just a little bit edgy.

Now I have to install Illustrator as I also have to learn that.

Tonight's artwork is an old real photo postcard that I sewed onto an oil monotype that I did. I might paint or work into it more, but for today she is perfect as she is.

Here is to prosperity, inspiration, and success in the New Year!


tangled stitch said...

She is very perfect. Have a Happy Prosperous, Healthy, Artistic New Year!

Diane said...

Beautiful work! I'm trying to get up the courage to put my art out there also, lot's of butterflies in my stomach. I wish you a very sweet New Year.