Tuesday, December 4, 2007

NO Never Means Yes

I am just starting to unwind from the intense month of production work after an 8 hour day.

This weekend I did the Unison Center craft fair, the ONLY craft fair that I do all year. I did well, perhaps better than I have ever done, which is amazing considering I did not have much inventory. I sold several collages and one mixed media piece as well as cards and ornaments. I have a following of clients and customers who are wonderful, and LOVE what I do; they appreciate my art and for that I am completed.

I also delivered my order to Jen at Earth Angel Toys, which is a fascinating site to check out. Jen is a dynamo, and a very successful business woman in the world of folk art/art.

One of my clients bought the artwork titled NO on tonight's blog. (6 x 6 on raised wood panel. Acrylic and collage.) It is often difficult letting go of my art which is so personal. Often these pieces are born out of times of great pain and/or growth. I feel vulnerable letting them out into the world, yet honored that its meaning is embraced by another.

I could tell the stories behind the artworks, and perhaps I will save that for my personal blog rather than this. I don't know how I will ever have my show "Telling Stories" if I keep selling the artwork. Perhaps I will have to borrow them...and then will have the silly honors of putting NFS...from the collection of.....

So I am content, tired, and the only art I am going to make for a bit is some gifts for friends. I need to make my house into an installation piece for the holiday, and it will take a bit of excavation and cleaning to get it ready!!!!!


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