Thursday, December 27, 2007


Today I did step one of my new marketing plan. I bought the domain WEDOGREETINGCARDS.COM. WEDO, and WEDOCARDS were all taken, and I thought this was fairly straight forward as it contained the words WE DO, and the product, GREETING CARDS in it. Cards with an edge, and as my friend pointed out, all cards have an edge, haha. Mine just happen to have a bit more of an edge than most.

I plan on carrying more than just greeting cards, but for starters the cards are fine. Now I have to get design No.1 printed, and start to work on more designs.

I decided to give these cards a domain of their own, and separate them from my website. I need to design an "under construction" page and upload it as soon as I find a place to host my website. I bought my domain through Go Daddy, and am not sure how much they charge for web space. I have a few options, and hopefully will have web space AND a page up soon.

I know I am going to have to learn more about all of this, and I am not thrilled with it, but in order to be able to manage and control my website, I am going to have to become even geekier than ever.

Off to geek land, Patti
PS. For you readers out there, Larry said GEEK LOVE is a very good read.


inventivesoul said...


So is this an alternative lifestyle card line?


tangled stitch said...

Congrats and I love the sentiment. Everyone should have greeting cards and happiness for all of their special moments!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! And thanks for the good wishes for the new year. I wish you happiness and loads of success.