Thursday, April 17, 2008

In Design

I am taking a three week course on In Design. I have completed 2 out of the 6 three hour classes, and have decided that I will NEVER become a graphic artist. I like making my business cards and my own things well enough, but to do it for a living?


Give me paint, scissors and a pot of glue.

Photoshop is ok, and I enjoy Dreamweaver some, but this program is above my head AND interest.


I am taking it for school, so that I possibly can use it for the yearbook, and to teach students some very basic work in it, but now I know that I will not be a graphic designer as a second career.


I hope this weekend brings me time in the garden and in the studio. I need a bit of sunshine, but I also need the smell of the wax and the oils....

Happy spring to you it has FINALLY arrived here in the great northeast.


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