Monday, April 7, 2008

Healing Hands

As I had previously mentioned, I am doing a few pieces for a show on cancer.

I had submitted this image as I thought that if I sold cards at the show, I could donate a large portion of the proceeds to the organization. But, as the curator kindly told me, though she thought it was a great and generous offer, she could not do it as there might be other people who would feel slighted by not being offered the chance to make cards and put them in the show.

I was fine with that, it was just an idea I had in my head to make money for the group as I figured that not many would want to buy art images of other's experience with cancer, but something more positive and smaller priced might bring in some money.

BUT the flip side of it is, that they want to use the image in their brochure that they are mailing out. It is gratis of course, and I will get credit for the piece. I is free advertising, which was not what I had intended by my offer, but was honored to be asked.

I am considering putting a print of the image in the show, and have to find someone who will make a giclee print of it for a price I can afford.

I guess if I do sell any of my pieces, I can give the gallery their cut, and give the organization another percentage of my sale. The social workers do such an amazing job ..... as I have witnessed Jean at work when she came to visit my friend Gary before he died.

Off to is late, but I wanted to post as it has been far too long.

More soon! patti

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