Sunday, April 13, 2008

TONS of work ahead

I am sick, which now makes it even more difficult to get into my studio. Chest cold and a myriad of other health problems besiege me. I hope to be able to control them through diet and have to deal with the fact that I have to follow through with the tests the doctors have ordered.

In the meantime, I have an order for 24 cards, 15+ pins, paintings, more cards for another store, and I am having a trunk show mid June. I will see if I can hire one of my students again to help me as I cannot possibly do it all myself, especially with having to be in a class two nights a week for 3 hours at a pop, for 3 weeks IN ADDITION TO A FULL TIME JOB. (and I hope that I will learn In Design well enough to actually use it!)

I also have three art pieces that must be done by the end of this month. One is complete, one has to be printed up on a professional printer, then matted and framed, and the last is just in progress.

I am going to pump myself up with green tea, perhaps my body will tolerate it, so that I can go out and work.

I have also been selling some of my art supplies on Etsy, as I am determined to minimalize what I have in my studio. I want it to be bare bones-----if I haven't used it in a few years, I will sell it, or give it away.


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