Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Art Challenge

Today I was chatting with Nancy Donskoj while picking up my art from the show "We're Only In It for the Money". I am glad to have my pieces back as I am in love with them. They elicited many chuckles, and a few people said they would have loved to have bought them "if they only had the money", a sad but true line I heard often this show season.

This year is the quadricentennial of the Hudson Fulton Champlain, and the Historic Friends of Historic Kingston (the city which was New York's first capital) are looking to have an art show at the Fred Johnson Museum. You are invited to view the archives of the 1909 celebration (postcards, prints, buttons, etc), then make artwork that interprets it into the 21st century.

Even though all the application dates are over, I sent off an email with sample of my mixed media pieces which incorporate images from that time period. If accepted, this will be a huge undertaking for me, but an exciting one.

In my quest to "redefine" my art, I have raised the ante. I know I can do the crafts shows and make money. Now I need to aim higher and be seen as something more than a crafts person/designer. Ah...the art vs. craft conundrum.

Photo of a handmade antique Valentine pieces that I have listed on Etsy.


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