Sunday, December 28, 2008

Change of Heart and Art News

Well, I can't completely give up my art blog.

I haven't been blogging much about art on my other blog, and I have some art worthy news to post here, so perhaps I will take some pressure off myself and post weekly or something that works for me. The show season has come to an end, I am going to get into the Valentines Day mode soon, and I will have some more time to chat about art, post events, ideas, etc. Thanks for bearing with this sometimes spastic artist!

Larry gave me three bars of Encaustic Paint from R & F Paintswhich I really wanted and could not afford. He gave me two more large canvases, the same size as the Olana painting I did a year ago. (pictured here) He is encouraging me to paint larger, which is difficult due to the size of my studio and storage. I guess the worst case scenario is I could have a YART sale when it gets to be too much and invite everyone over for a massive Crazy Eddie art sale. I have to do it to be able to be a master painter, so I should not let an over abundance of paintings deter me.....

I also signed up for a challenge....The Arthouse Coop Project: Sketchbook Project. For an 18.00 entrance fee you are given a Moleskine sketchbook with the theme being "Everyone We Know". Each book created and sent in by the due date is displayed in venues about the country. Two of note that piqued my interest were the Museum of Contemporary Art in DC, and the Museum of Design in Atlanta. NOTE: I do not want to discount the smaller venues and gallery's which are visited by those who will examine our art is just nice to have a big name or two.

My mind is already churning with ideas of the direction that I could take this. P political, biological....a book of double entendres or conundrums....oh I feel the muse visiting now. The only thing is, I am not sure if I get my original back...and if I don't,who holds the copyright to all of this? I guess I will have to read all the fine lines on the website. Worse case scenario? I pay 18.00 for a 6.00 book, and do my own art to parallel it.

Off to re size some text on a zine I made to fit the printing margins of my newish printer. Something that I did not even realize when I bought it!


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MB Shaw said...

I am doing this journal thing too :-) As artists, I believe we always own the copyright to our own art (unless we sign it away which we didn't in this case). I also think you can send them extra postage to get your journal back after the "tour." Fun, I am looking forward to it.